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Momenzadeh online store has started its work with the support of more than 50 years of experience in the field of production of industrial and domestic kitchen utensils and the production capacity of more than 1000 tons and is trying to gain a large share of the market by smoothing the way to buy such products. It owns industrial and domestic kitchen utensils.


Momenzadeh workshop started its activity in 1298 (Hijri) in order to produce industrial parts in workshops in a traditional way, with the production of metal parts such as copper containers, gratings, sertas, etc. in the current part of Tehran market.

The founder of this workshop, the late Haj Yada... Asdalahi, with the skills of that period and a lot of effort, successfully introduced the products of this workshop as domestic and high quality products to the markets of his time, and he passed his experiences to the late Haj Alineqi Momenzadeh (son-in-law of the deceased) has conveyed that to him in 1341, and by collecting the aforementioned collections, he succeeded in establishing the largest rolling unit in the country for the production of kitchen utensils in his time.

This group is currently engaged in the production of industrial and domestic kitchen utensils with a production capacity of more than 1000 tons under the management of Mr. Farhad Momenzadeh.

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مدیریت: آقای فرهاد مومن زاده

مسئول فروش: آقای محمد مهاجر

مسئول اجرایی: فرید خانکشی پور

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